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Sensors are key to the next-generation technological disruption for most of the major industry.

Smart Radar System Inc. consists of talented group of engineers, specialists and elites who believes in the future technology with devotion and passion for the radar sensor.

From long research and development experience on RF antenna design, hardware mechanics, radar signal processing, software/algorithms to adoption of data-based machine learning & big data integration, Smart Radar System desires to grasp global presence to provide technology that can benefit as much industry & market as possible to reach global #1 market leader.

Global #1 4D Image Radar

2015 4Q Incubation Stage

2017 3Q Seeding / Growth Stage

2019 1Q CES 2019

               First Introduction of 4D Image Radar RETINA 4S

2019 2Q Series A Fund

2019 3Q Korean Prime Minister's Award in 2019 Radio Broadcasting Technology Awards

2020 1Q CES 2020 

               First Introduction of Sub-1 Degree 4D Image Radar RETINA 8H

2020 2Q Series B Fund



Smart Radar System

Aim to be Global # 1

Radar sensors are already used extensively in the field of automotive safety, such as collision avoidance and blind spot detection.
It is also expected to be used actively in the 360-degree surround scanning of autonomous In recent years, due to the emergence of CMOS-based one-chip radar chipsets, which integrate radar RF modules and signal processing modules, implementing low cost small radar modules are possible so that the adoption of radar sensors for all types of vehicles including small vehicles is expected to become more CMOS-based one-chip radar chipsets are expected to be adopted in the industrial and consumer markets as well. Applications include surveillance, people counting, gesture recognition, and material classification.
Smart Radar System are committed to helping our customers to be able to use radar sensors in these diverse industries and applications.
To do this, we provide RF antenna design, hardware module production, radar signal processing algorithm, and software API.
In particular, through the use of radar signal processing and algorithms based on machine learning and deep learning,
we want to satisfy our customer's detailed requirements in complex environments.



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