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Industrial Vehicle



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Controlling heavy machinery is hard as much as they are useful and productive in constructing buildings and cities.

Smart Radar System saw the needs of radar technology to assist the danger area (blindzone) detection. 

Larger then usual commercial vehicles, heavy machinery require delicate detection of the area around to detect the environment.

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Future of Heavy Vehicles.

Everybody needs a plan.

It should be good so that from the scratch, follow-up actions can prolong. 

Heavy machineries are the essence of any construction or industrial sites.

Smart Radar System gladly introduces the new standards for heavy machinery and vehicles.

Its radars will act as eyes and ears of the machines.

Smart Radar System sees vision to change the atmosphere of the heavy machinery. 

Industrial Vehicles

Solutions & Features


Products: RM Products

  • Side/Rear/Front Detection

  • Basic Alarming


Products: RETINA

  • Advanced Side/Rear/Front Detection (Imaging)

  • Advanced Alarming (Imaging for Classification)

Special Solution

RM Products + RETINA 

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About Us


Sensors are key to the next-generation technological disruption for most of the major industry.
Smart Radar System Inc. consists of talented group of engineers, specialists and elites who believes in the future technology with
devotion and passion for the radar sensor. From long research and development experience on RF antenna design, hardware
mechanics, radar signal processing, software/algorithms to adoption of data-based machine learning & big data integration,
Smart Radar System desires to grasp global presence to provide technology that can benefit as much industry & market as possible to
reach global #1 market leader.


Other Applications

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