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CES 2020 eyes on Sub 1° 4D Image Radar of Smart Radar System

Updated: May 18, 2020

Participating in CES, the largest and the most influential tech show in the world, Smart Radar System is demonstrating its advanced technology. Visitors paid keen interests in the cool concept products and solutions that SRS showcased. Sub 1° 4D Image Radar is expected to ensure the safety and performance of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System), Autonomous driving, In-cabin detection, Industrial machines, Robots, and Securities. SRS’ efforts to make the world brighter and safer is on the right track.

At Smart Radar System booth located in Sands Expo Level 2, #40467 Las Vegas, you can see how the radar can improve the work and the life. Please come and join in Smart Radar System and CES 2020, the latest and the greatest technology fest of the world.

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