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Mando-SRS signed joint-development contract <UHR 4D Imaging Radar>

June 2nd, 2021 Mando visited SRS Pangyo office for the signing ceremony of the joint development contract of Ultra-High Resolution 4D Imaging Radar.

Hyeong-jin Kang, head of the Mando ADAS BU R&D Center, said, “As the application field of vehicle radar expands, Mando is simultaneously developing various radars such as ‘in-cabin sensor’. We expect it to be a revolutionary turning point in the expansion of business areas such as robotics beyond the development of radar for use.”

Paul Yong-Hwan Kim, CEO of SRS, said, “This collaboration with Mando is a Silicon Valley-style win-win model that can grow together with global top-tier partners. It is expected that Korea will become a global leader in Ultra-High Resolution 4D Imaging Radar.”

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