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RETINA-4S meets Taekwondo Black Belt Holder

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

You might have wondered Smart Radar System was hibernating.

Reality was simple and clear.

Instead, Smart Radar System, for the past 6 months, was able to enhance and process its existing products and solutions to reach the perfection.

Introducing RETINA-4S meets Taekwondo Black Belt Holder video.

Taekwondo is Korean traditional martial arts mostly composited with kicking & striking. The martial art is mostly characterized with its quick & agile, yet humble & discipline stances. Watch the moment when Smart Radar System RETINA-4S meets Taekwondo black belt holder. (1st-dan)

Using rich pointcloud and data gathered from RETINA-4S, one can allow useful motion detection and posture recognition into deeper level using deep learning and machine learning.

From this date on, Smart Radar System is excited to show all of the videos and materials up until the end of this year. Smart Radar System cannot wait to showcase various applications and results that it could have enhanced and improved in this relatively short period of time.

Please be noted and stay tuned for the exciting results Smart Radar System is going to share with all of you!

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