RETINA-4S meets Tai chi Practitioner

For ones well-being and vitality, People who value work-life ethics and balance are intrigued by martial arts. For meditation, balance and concentration, people try to practice various forms of them.

Introducing RETINA-4S meets Tai chi Enthusiast video.

Tai chi (태극권) is an internal Chineses martial art practiced for defense training, health benefits, and meditation. Known for its demonstration of greater longevity and its elegance poses and actions during the practice, it is popular in the social scene with many practices already being shared. Watch the moment when Smart Radar System RETINA-4S meets Tai chi enthusiast practicing the meditation. Be aware and compare it with the previous episodes especially with its difference in the poses and collection of data from different stances. There are more to come with "When RETINA-4S meets" series, so be prepared for Smart Radar System's videos!

Using rich pointcloud and data gathered from RETINA-4S, one can allow useful motion detection and posture recognition into deeper level using deep learning and machine learning.

Keep your eyes on our new releases to come. Smart Radar System is excited to show all of the videos and materials up until the end of this year. Smart Radar System cannot wait to showcase various applications and results that it could have enhanced and improved in this relatively short period of time.

Please be noted and stay tuned for the exciting results Smart Radar System is going to share with all of you!

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