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Silicon valley pays attention to a Korean startup who is opening the eyes of autonomous cars

Etnews, one of the representative IT specialized daily news in Korea, highlighted Smart Radar System (SRS) and its CEO, Paul Kim.

The media said that SRS improved the value of radars that are used for autonomous cars, drones, robots, in-cabin safety, and security systems. Here are the points reported by Etnews on Oct.20.

‘SRS developed radar performance by 5 times. By attracting investment from Silicon Valley, SRS is increasing the possibility to succeed in the world market. SRS is growing on the basis of 4D image radar that SRS developed for itself. Its core competency lies in the unique antenna design technology. SRS developed non-linear antenna design for the first time in the world. Owing to the unique design, 4D image radar gives high efficiency. 192 antenna show as high performance as 1024 antenna’s. This year, Yole Développement, a reliable market research company, noted SRS as one of the most promising 4D image radar companies. A number of domestic and overseas CVC, VC, and the related industries are paying attention to SRS. Currently, SRS is cooperating with more than 10 global companies in the US, Japan, and EU. Paul Kim, CEO of SRS, started his career at Cisco Systems in Silicon Valley. He continued his IT expertise in AT&T, Silicon Valley. Before joining in SRS, he was an LG group executive since 2009.’

Full article can be found from the following link.

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