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Smart Radar System mentioned in Forbes US, re: AI Image RADAR applications for Smart City

This week, <Strategic Infrastructure Summit> for US-Korea Partnership Revitalizing Global Democratic Prosperity was held at SiHeung campus of Seoul National University, hosted by GRC (Global R&DB Center, Prof Jun Seok Hwang).

Key attendees : Norman Anderson, Chairman, CG/LA Strategic Infrastructure Performance Institute

Lee Weiss, EVP, Blockchains Inc

Michael Woods, CEO, Big Sun Holdings

And during their Monday visit to FMTC (Future Mobility Technology Center), Paul YH Kim (CEO, SRS Inc) has demonstrated various RADAR applications to the US team.

Impressed by the solutions which immediate-applicable not only for Autonomous driving sense fusion, but also for Healthcare, Security/Surveillance, Drone and Industrial Mr. Anderson wrote an article that published in Forbes US, mentioning SRS as a key partner for Infrastructure innovation of Smart City applications.

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영문 기사에 대한 한국어 번역은 유첨된 PDF를 참고하세요.

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