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Smart Radar System's 4D image radar makes the autonomous cars’ eyes brighter

On November 22, Maeil Business News Korea, one of the most influential local business media, interviewed with Paul Kim, CEO of Smart Radar System (SRS) and covered remarkable growth of the company.

The media described SRS as an innovative, rapidly growing company. The market expects a bright future of the company based on the experts’ forecast that its technology is the closest to commercialization, compared with competitors. Numerous co-operations with the global top-notch tech companies have been completed or under development. SRS is verifying its existence and potential.

SRS technology has brought a significant progress by 5 times to the performance of radar, the eyes of the autonomous cars. While 4D image radar serves for autonomous vehicles, it also plays the important roles in drones, robots, securities, and smart cities. Paul Kim is aiming at improving radar performance as LiDAR and beyond.

Following CES 2019, SRS plans to participate in CES 2020 in Las Vegas. It will be another fun and excitement to meet with new 4D image radar upgraded by SRS next year.

When asked about his final destination, he responds that it is to become ‘Korean Mobileye’.

Paul Kim’s dream to make the world brighter and safer is becoming true.

Please visit to the link below for the whole article.

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