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Smart Radar System's CEO speaking at Hemi Ventures Annual Summit

Updated: May 18, 2020

On Oct.4, San Francisco, Hemi Ventures invited world class Technologies Leaders to their annual summit to identify Top 10 Rising Technologies trends in 2020.

Paul Kim, the CEO of Smart Radar System (SRS), was introduced as a leader of a digital democracy in 4D image radar and the transformation of the analog radar world into a digital revolution. Experts engaged in autonomous driving are paying attention to sensors, as the human level perception is known as the bottleneck of self-driving cars.

Unlike LiDARs and cameras, radar maintains functionality across all weather and lighting conditions.

However, the technology has traditionally been limited by low resolution. SRS’ cutting edge technology is breaking through the conventional hurdle and is developing radar with one-degree near-LiDAR resolution: a 4D image radar with ultra-high-resolution functionalities to sense the environment in four dimensions: distance, horizontal and vertical positioning, and velocity.

SRS, one of the most innovative startups, will lead the early trend signals and influence the autonomous driving technologies in the coming years. It is expected to provide a new momentum for positive transformation of the ecosystem.

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