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Smart Radar System wins Korean Prime Minister’s prize

On Sep.23(Mon), Smart Radar System (SRS) verified itself as the leader of 4D Image Radar by winning Korean Prime Minister’s prize in ‘2019 Radio Wave & Broadcasting Technology Awards’.

SRS, as a startup, ranked alongside with the Korean conglomerates including Samsung Electronics, LGU+, and SK Telecom.

SRS’ awarded technology was 4D image radar technology for autonomous driving that is anticipated to accelerate the 4th Industrial Revolution. It is receiving the higher attention and expectation from government, industry, and academia.

At the awards ceremony, Paul Kim, CEO of SRS, commented that SRS is developing 4D image radars for autonomous things, robots, drones, and various IoT applications based on CMOS radar sensors targeting world-first sub 1° true angular resolution and 360° surround view for Level 4 and/or 5 autonomous driving.

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