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SRS got invited to the signing ceremony of the US-Korea alliance on Strategic Infrastructure

May 20th, Paul YH Kim (CEO) has joined the signing ceremony of "the UK-Korea alliance on Strategic Infrastructure to revitalize democratic prosperity" <Declaration of Intent>, as a part of Strategic Infrastructure Summit, held at Seoul National University, hosted by GRC (Global R&DB Centre, Director: Prof. Junseok Hwang).

Watch the Youtube, 3mins

URL link:

Seoul National University Global R&DB Center

Signed by: Junseok Hwang, Director

CG/LA Strategic Infrastructure Performance Institute

Signed by: Norman Foxen Anderson, Chairman and CEO

Blockchains Inc.

Signed by: Lee Alan Weiss, Executive Vice President

Smart Radar System Inc.

Signed by: Paul Yonghwan Kim, CEO

Big Sun Holdings Group, Flash Labs Corporation

Signed by: Michael John Woods, CEO/COO

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