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[SW Go Club] Smart Radar System nominated as top SW "Fast Growing" AI/Big Data company in Korea.

Smart Radar System Inc. has proudly been nominated as top-tier "fast growing" software company in Korea by SW Go Club. Out of the many nominees, Smart Radar System has topped as 2021 fast growing company out of 78 nominees.

SW Go Club is a government-lead project for start-ups and small businesses that holds market with AI/big data and cloud in global market lead by ministry of science and ICT, National IT Industry Promotion Agency and Korea IT Business Promotion Association. This program is one of the more innovative promotion backed by Korean government.

Smart Radar System, with its top-headed radar technology, extends its talents and application into software business and has been reaching out to the global audiences. With the knowledge and experience in AI & big data technology, Smart Radar System is looking to integrate the already outstanding radar technology with the new and robust software technology to enhance even deeper.

Smart Radar System envisions the innovative route and will always look to maintain the global leader to enhance legacy radar technologies and experiences.

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