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Be Smart.

One-Step Ahead. 

Radar has been utilized for more years than people imagine.

People still find difficult how radar technology works and benefits.

Now is the time radar sensors are utilized in more usage in everyday life.

Be the first ones to prepare with Smart Radar System radar products.

Smart Radar System

Radar Platform

From the single chip radar products to even the advanced multi-chip cascade products, Smart Radar System is building up the whole radar platform to change the world.

With radar sensors, Smart Radar System is passionate and eager to change the behavior of the world.




Smart Radar System Products

Introducing Smart Radar System's dedicated products to envision the smarter everyday life. Smart Radar System's product portfolio covers various market, professional, business, and ordinary life's needs with all-around efficiency and optimization. From single chip to multi-chip cascade radar, Smart Radar System’s products cover various range to fulfill asynchronous applications.



The Smart 4D Image Radar



Automotive Corner Radar


RM Product

Powerful & Compact Single Radar



Beyond the Ordinary.

Customize & Be Smart

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