The Smart 4D Image Radar

RETINA (Radar Enabled True Imaging Neural Analysis)

4D (x, y, z, v) object detection

Automotive & industrial-grade 4D Image Radar

Smart 4D Image Radar

to change the way we detect.

Powered by industry-leading, ready-made CMOS radar chipsets, RETINA provides accurate high-resolution 4D image of target on real-time basis. RETINA utilizes fully of the already powerful radar chipsets with Smart Radar System’s distinctive radar antenna design methodology & software/algorithm enhancement for optimal multi-chip cascade.

True Sub-1° 4D Image Radar

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NUAA Antenna Design

Smart Radar System consists of professional radar specialists. With long & dedicated experiments and studies, Smart Radar System manufactures all radar products with its specific and patented antenna design. NUAA (Non-Uniform Antenna Array) antenna design empowers the radar performance drastically with its full radar signal transmission capacity.

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Super Resolution:

Software Defined Antenna

“Is the object human?” “I think its human, but is it a baby or adult?”

Software and the radar control algorithms are key to accuracy and perfection in sensing department.

On top of its very fundamental hardware design and methodology to craft the global leading product, Smart Radar System adopts its masterminded software solution to enhance the performance. From general detection to specific object classification, Smart Radar System’s Super Resolution technology improves the sensing.

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Raw Data Capture

In order to fully encompass and provide beneficial attributes to its customers or users, RETINA enables real-time raw data capture.

Gather meaningful data directly from the RETINA radar directly to utilize for deeper usage.

Meet the RETINA Family

Smart Radar System Inc. incorporates many different approach on its Image Radars to meet the different market's specifications and requirements.




2-Chip Short Range Cascade Image Radar

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Features: Short Range Optimized

Target Applications: Automotive, In-Cabin, Smart Factory, Smart Traffic, Smart Home, Smart Office, Smart Security, Robotics

The RETINA 2 consists of state-of-the-art components designed to encompass its unique system board patterns within compact formfactor. 

RETINA 2 provides multi-chip configuration to provide 4D image to detect width, length, height and the velocity of object. 

With the two chips integrated to configure objects, RETINA 2 beams radio-electric waves and analyzes the reflected waves to detect objects in front and to get the 4D information of the objects. 

Two-chip integration will optimally provide the point clusters of the object within its detection range, and indicate its width, length, height and its velocity of the point cloud.

RETINA 2S is one of the Smart Radar System's 2-chip solution, targeting for shorter-range with stable detection of the area.




6 Tx, 8 Rx

77 - 81 GHz

# Chip


100° (± 50°)


100° (± 50°)


77 - 81 GHz

Azimuth FoV

Azimuth Resolution

Elevation FoV

Elevation Resolution

10 m


10 fps

Detection Range


Detection Range



Additional Features






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Smart Traffic

Smart Office.png

Smart Office

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Smart Factory


Smart Home



Evaluation Kit 

RETINA 2S can be purchased in following forms for customers to evaluate:

RETINA 2S Evaluation Kit: Basic

This Package includes:

  • RETINA 2S Evaluation Kit (RETINA 2S Antenna Board, DSP Board,Enclosure)

  • Basic Accessories (Power Adapter, Cables)

  • RETINA software

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RETINA 2S Evaluation Kit: Advanced

This Package includes:

  • Everything from RETINA 2S Evaluation Kit: Basic

  • ++ RETINA 2S Data Capture Board

  • ++ RETINA Data Capture Software

  • ++ Advanced accessories (RETINA data capture accessories)

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