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RM Products

Powerful & Compact Single Radar

RM (Radar Module)

High performance single radar products

Applicable for various market needs

Handy & test-friendly

Smart, Effective, Efficient.

RM Products

Powered by industry-leading, ready-made CMOS radar chipset,

RM products, or Radar Module products are designed to serve as effective products.

RM products utilizes world leading radar chip on body with Smart Radar System's definitely-designed antenna

to be able to successfully undergo various tasks that radar can provide.

People Counting

One of the most preliminary and useful feature of radar application is counting specific area.

With powerful Smart Radar System's single radar RM products, utilize it all for your benefit to count people of your designated area

People Tracking

Smart Radar System develops 360° people tracking solution combined with 4 radar modules.

Each radar module can be used for people tracking for its designed FoV (Field of View) 

Vital Sign Monitoring

Smart Radar System radars can monitor heartbeats and breathing rate to understand the person's vital signal.


And definitely, 


Level Meter Application

Material Classification Application

Gesture Recognition Application



Meet the Radar Module Family

Smart Radar System Inc. incorporates many different approach on its RM products to meet the different market's specifications and requirements.




Single-Chip 77 ~ 81 GHz Radar



Target Applications: People counting, people tracking, vital sign monitoring, passenger detection

RM16-04 is radar starter kit, which enables quick radar module test and application development.

RM16-04 utilizes either of 2 Texas Instrument chip, IWR1642 and AWR1642, each of which has its target applicable market for industrial and automotive.

Both RM16-04 integrates radar front end, radar algorithm hardware accelerator, and digital signal processing in a single CMOS chip, which enables to embed radar software on the compact size radar module.

RM16-04 can fully utilize Texas Instrument's SDK (Software Development Kit) for easy and simple modification and development.

70 m





77 - 81 GHz

# Chip

Azimuth FoV

35 m

Detection Range






Azimuth Resolution

Elevation FoV

Elevation Resolution

10 fps

Detection Range



Additional Features


* Data stated for the specification are general specs and may vary according to actual implementation

**Specification stated above are not final and are subject to change according to updates and modifications

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