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Robotics market are yet to be defined.

Someone would even argue and neglect the market itself.

Smart Radar System is currently the pioneers to the radar technology and honored to introduce its radar modules and solutions to the still much-to-explore robotics industry to make the world more workable and efficient whatever humankind will dedicate to.


Be Connected.

Provide Sensing for Robots

Longing for technology like robots not only answers the many questions mankind had, but drives the future to come close.

Smart Radar System is grouped with enthusiasts who are desiring for the future technology and feats to achieve not only the concrete and crystal-clear products, but also the conceptual, futuristic technology such as robotics.


"That's one small step for a man,

one giant leap for mankind."

- Neil Armstrong


Robotics may seem like a sci-fi unrealistic market for most of ordinaries.

Smart Radar System desires to keep its route up to "beyond the standard."

Smart Radar System continues to work with many of future-desiring partners and government to enhance the feasibility of the future to come close. 

Smart Radar System, just like Neil had its first few steps on the moon, will keep on its technological improvements to become the first step for the whole market.


Solutions & Features


Products: RM Products

  • Basic Sensing


Products: RETINA

  • Advanced Sensing (Image sensing)

Special Solution

RM Products + RETINA 





About Us


Sensors are key to the next-generation technological disruption for most of the major industry.
Smart Radar System Inc. consists of talented group of engineers, specialists and elites who believes in the future technology with
devotion and passion for the radar sensor. From long research and development experience on RF antenna design, hardware
mechanics, radar signal processing, software/algorithms to adoption of data-based machine learning & big data integration,
Smart Radar System desires to grasp global presence to provide technology that can benefit as much industry & market as possible to
reach global #1 market leader.


Other Applications

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