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Smart Factory

Imagine the World

with Smarter Solutions

to Save Your Time & Increase Productivity

Factory should be the greatest place to start when it comes to efficiency, work-flow, management for the process and other keywords related to productivity that are not mentioned onward. radars, just like any other sensing technology, will act as helpful supporter for the workers and lines that will only grow better with efficiency.



One small Sensor

to invigorate the whole process.


Radar sensors yet they are small and compact, can perform to enhance your work flow.

Smart Anywhere with Smart Radar System also sees the factory to be a great place to start the enhancement.

Smart Factory

Solutions & Features


Products: RM Products

  • Vehicle/Worker Localization


Products: RETINA

  • Fall Detection

  • Posture Detection

  • Vehicle Classification

  • Alerting

Special Solution

RM Products + RETINA 

Smart Factory.png




About Us


Sensors are key to the next-generation technological disruption for most of the major industry.
Smart Radar System Inc. consists of talented group of engineers, specialists and elites who believes in the future technology with
devotion and passion for the radar sensor. From long research and development experience on RF antenna design, hardware
mechanics, radar signal processing, software/algorithms to adoption of data-based machine learning & big data integration,
Smart Radar System desires to grasp global presence to provide technology that can benefit as much industry & market as possible to
reach global #1 market leader.


Other Applications

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