Smart Home


Your home should be

the safest place for you.

Because it should be.

The world is changing abruptly. One thing that may not change through out the era is the fact that "your home should be yours."

This does not mean putting all the surveillance camera everywhere in your home, nor it means to have your parents fall down and never know it happened.

Smart Radar System will seamlessly detect the home you stay. It will not involve cameras for privacy breakage, but radar and almighty algorithms to support for it. Smart Radar System introduces its home solution to detect people in the allocated area, detecting for the person's posture, vital signs, and wellness condition.

With Smart Radar System's dedicated home solution will your place be, just as you wished, smart and safe.


Provide Safety for your home.

Make your home Smart

Smart home focuses on detecting any people in the designated area.

This means everybody including babies, adults and even the elderly.

When it comes to smart & safe home, most of people will agree it directly means the family and friend's safety.

However your family is consisted of, whether your consists of many babies, elderlies or consists of both, Smart Radar System will detect them and maintain their health condition.


"Falling down is part of life.

Getting back up is living."

 - Anonymous

When it comes to fall downs, heart diseases, or any health-involving shocks may not be prevented in advance, since they are not easily predicted nor prevented. Usually the golden time comes right after the incident happens.

Smart Radar System is working closely with some of the major partners who are willing to service the smart home solution.

Detecting whether the person has fall down, in critical health condition or understanding the unusual pattern will be helpful to understand and alert the critical situations.

Smart Anywhere

Smart Radar System.

Smart Home

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Living Room


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  • Localization


Products: RETINA

  • Fall Detection

  • Posture Detection

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Sensors are key to the next-generation technological disruption for most of the major industry.
Smart Radar System Inc. consists of talented group of engineers, specialists and elites who believes in the future technology with
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mechanics, radar signal processing, software/algorithms to adoption of data-based machine learning & big data integration,
Smart Radar System desires to grasp global presence to provide technology that can benefit as much industry & market as possible to
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